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‘Learn easily’ is a unique handbook of 222 pages, with hundreds of illustrations and thousands of practical ideas for Greek learners.

Every person from 7 to 97 years will find lots of ideas to apply in their life, provided that they can read modern Greek.

All ideas have been tested for years in the classroom and they are duly supported by theories of learning and pedagogical practice.
Many ideas are presented in a direct from as young people relate their learning experiences.
There are, also, many relaxation techniques, suitable for every person, to be applied in classroom situations, at home or during exams.

Several pages can be viewed here.

You may order the handbook through your bookshop or directly from us

Institute of Learning, Square 1912 – Dexameni HANIA GREECE 73134, Tel + fax: 0030- 28210-40400

e-mail: polygnosi@otenet.gr


Short articles
Issue 1

This is a collection of articles published in daily newspaper ‘Haniotika Nea’ and monthly ‘Enimerosi PALSO’ and/or summaries of lectures presented from 1999 to 2001.

The contents page and several pages may be viewed here.

The collection is out of print.
A complimentary copy may be sent to libraries or organisations.


Short articles
Issue 2

This collection will include articles etc from 2002 to 2005. It will be published shortly.